Sunday, February 8, 2009

World of Warcraft: Nice AoE-Grinding Spot in Borean Tundra

In Borean Tundra at coordinates 68,49 there are boats with level 68 mobs called "Kvaldir Raiders". There are two boats which are very close to each other. The respawn is less than 90 seconds. If you manage to pull both together and bomb them.

There are 2x 5 Mobs which give 800 XP each, which is 8.000 XP unrested or 16.000 XP rested, which results in 320.000 XP/hour unrested or 640.000 XP/hour rested. Which is great, as this is almost 50% XP necessary for one level.

Best of all: If you just sit there, the mobs will run past you, so you can sit down next to them without the risk that they will supprise your while you're resting.

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