Monday, February 9, 2009

World of Warcraft: Capping Flags and Graveyards in Battlegrounds as Frog exploit (PvP)

There is a little nasty exploit which will make it much easier for you to win a battlegrounds. It works in Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley (basically everywhere where you can capture something by using it). All you need are two things:

  • Mojo vanity Pet (you can receive it in Zul'Aman by turning in ...)
  • This Macro
    /target mojo
    /kiss mojo

Now when ever you want to cap a flag or other battleground objective, put your Mojo out and use this macro. What it will do is, to turn you into a frog. As the frog is so small its hard to target or see it. It allows you easily to capture the flag, especially if you're fighting against random enemies.

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