Saturday, January 24, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 66-67

Here are the patchnotes for the Build 66 & 67 of Darkfall Online Closed Beta.

New Patch

A new patch has been released.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:

  • The 'Sliding as if on ice' bug when moving in certain areas have been fixed
  • Some startup crashes have been fixed
  • Attributes of all items put in a Clan Vault will now persist
  • Bug in chat where the top line would be cluttered in certain circumstances has been fixed
  • 'God mode' crouch bug has been fixed *1)
  • Updates to the world
  • /bindstone_recall now takes some time (will be extended later)
  • Clan Cities and hamlets have been enabled!

*1) Please help us verify that all instances of the 'God mode' crouch bug has been fixed.
Try all scenarios where you would make it work earlier.

Known Issues and General Information

  • Thanks to your reports we have found the reason for the bug that makes the client crash in some circumstances after running for a long time around the map. We are working on it and it will most likely be included in the next patch.
  • The problem with bags not closing and bags being duplicated in the GUI is being worked on.
  • If you should ever get a spinning wheel on the camera (e.g. in the Dwarven areas) please take a screenshot and mail it to us.

Clan Cities and Clan Hamlets

In this build the Clan Cities and Clan Hamlets have been enabled.
Things are slowly being taken from our internal repository and deposited on the beta servers. This means that there might be a few problems in the next couple of days.

The clan cities and hamlets unlock, among other things, the following:

  • Crafting of Ships
  • Crafting of Battlespikes
  • Crafting of Warhulks
  • Crafting of Cannons and more
  • Wonders for global bonuses for the owning Clan
  • Note that the bonuses you potentially get inside the city and for wonders don't have their correct corresponding icons yet, so if you manage to build the correct structures you will see smileys on the top of your screen for the next few days.

General hints and information about the cities:

  • To build city structures, you will have to have Building Modules. These have to be crafted.
  • To claim a city you need a Clan Shard and have the rank of General or higher. Go within the city boundaries and double click it in your backpack.
  • When you first start building a city, you don't have a bank. This means that the player who chooses to build must have enough Building Modules in his inventory to build what he chooses to build. After this you can deposit building modules in the clan vault.
  • To build a city you must either have the rank of a General or higher OR be a Mayor of the city.
  • To start the building process press alternative use on the clan stone (default key is 'G')
  • If you build farms, mines etc. do note that the output from these are not finalized in any way on the beta servers.
  • If you build the city defensive structures (The huge cannon like structures) do note that the damage dealt from these have not been finalized
  • The local and global bonuses applied from the clan cities have not been finalized
  • The spawn bonuses applied from building houses etc. have not been finalized
  • Repair damaged structures using repair tools and repair shards
  • Error messages from City operations are not properly routed to the client in this build.
  • And more as you will eventually discover

General info on the testing ahead:

In a few days I will set up a focused testing where I will only enable a few cities and then divide you up into a few clans and have you test the conquest system for bugs and exploits. All resources necessary for doing this will be given to you.
I will get back to this after the next patch.

In the meantime keep those bug reports coming.

Have fun

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