Saturday, January 24, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 74

Time for another patchnotes leak. This time it's build 74.

New Patch

A new patch and installer has been released.


Fixes and updates in this patch includes:

  • Fixes to delays in loading that you experienced in the last build *1)
  • Some UI updates
  • Fixes for situations where you would fall trough objects
  • Bug fixes and updates in Journal
  • Bug fixes and updates in Clan
  • Some updates to the farms/mines/etc in the clan cities
  • Updates to some armor graphics
  • Some updates to quests
  • Updates to the AI
  • Updates to skill
  • Updates to loot
  • Updates to spells
  • Negative alignment will now kick you from Greater Stones
  • General Alignment system fixes
  • Number of binds you have in a Clan city has been fixed
  • Number of binds you have in a Clan Hamlet has been fixed
  • End of world has been enabled
  • Updates to the world

*1) The delays you might have been experiencing in the last builds was caused by us doing some excessive logging. This is to catch some errors that happens on only a very small subset of the testers. We are still doing a lot of logging, so please bear with us as we are doing this to find issues that we can't reproduce in-house.

Known Issues and General Information

  • If you leave a clan city or a clan hamlet, the buildings might have a graphical explosion. This will be taken out in the next server build.
  • If you experience any "erroneous" AI behavior, please take a screen shot of it and mail it to us with a description of the problem.

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