Saturday, January 24, 2009

Warhammer Online: A Few New Exploits

Squig Armor (PvP)

First of the exploits is with the Squig Armor ability. If you use Squig Armor next to a postern keep door, no one will be able to open the door as long as you stand there.
Nice to prevent reinforcements running back into the keep

Expolsive Snotling

At Black Crag (16k, 40k), you'll find some Explosive Snotlings which grants you one more chance at a battle brew backpack.

White Lion Parry Exploit

Last but not least, the White Lion 100% parry exploit. Simply equip the riposte tactic on and summon your pet 10 times and pew, your pet should have 100% parry rate, ready to own every PvE and PvP target.

Have fun exploiting

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