Saturday, January 24, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 75

After the last small build now again one with a bit more improvements.

New Patch

A new patch has been released. A character wipe has been performed.

Fixes and updates in this patch includes:

  • Duplications of bag windows have been fixed
  • The bug where you sometimes were unable to open your bank/loot/clan vault window has been fixed
  • Duplication of items on client (graphically only) that happened under certain circumstances has been fixed
  • Vendor spells have been enabled again
  • Dragging a stack of items and releasing them on top of another stack of similar items will now auto-merge them
  • Audio bugs have been fixed
  • Problem with journal or clan window displaying a black page has been fixed *1)
  • More Chaos Stones have been enabled in the world
  • Last remaining crashes when streaming from HD has been fixed *2)
  • Shield will not be removed if you choose to wear a robe
  • Input bug where extra mouse buttons would not work in GUI mode has been fixed
  • Sound updates for mount
  • Clan boards have been enabled *3)
  • Blocking has been updated *4)
  • All resources in the world will now get drained *5)
  • Some updates to the Conquest System
  • Some updates to the Clan Politics messages (Allies/Enemies/etc)
  • AI update
  • Polearm attacks have been updated
  • Ganking has been enabled. (Default key to select the skill is 'X'). Use a melee weapon. Aim at a helpless player on the ground and press attack (Default: Left MB) *6)
  • Reviving has been enabled. (Default key to select the skill is 'Z'). Sheathe your weapon, aim at the player and press attack. *6)
  • Enabled the start of giving out free resources to our testers *7)
  • Messages about people using the structures in a Clan
  • City/Hamlet now output correct structure
  • Looting under water has been enabled
  • Updates to the world

Regarding patch notes:

  • If you still experience display problems or something similar with the journal or clan window, please take a screen shot and mail it to us together with the log of the client.(Shut down the client and run the Report Error tool, so we get the logs)
  • We are still logging heavily, so you might experience some stuttering from time to time
    Regarding the Clan Boards: Everything you post there will be gone every time we wipe.
  • There is also a problem where the scrollbars does not show up. We are working to fix this ASAP. (The clan boards contains private messaging system, calendars to set up events and more)
  • Regarding the update of the block skill: It drains a little bit less stamina, but will induce a stamina loss on the enemy in case of a successful block.
  • All resource nodes in the world will get drained now. (This includes trees, bushes, rocks etc.) We would like your feedback on how this works out. Do you think there are too many resources available on the nodes? Too few? Too fast regrowing? Create a thread in the forum about this and tell us your thoughts about this, but bear in mind that you have to imagine that the world is filled with a lot more players.
  • Gank/Revive has been enabled. When you die now, several things might happen to you: You might be decapitated, your head might be violently crushed, you might simply die OR you might end up on the ground helpless. If the latter is the the case, then you have 3 things that might happen: You can tap out using the space bar (which will bring you back to your bind point), a friend (or enemy) can choose to revive you or an enemy (or friend) can choose to gank you (finishing move). Also note that blood effects for ganking are not complete.
  • When you log in now, you will be given 10K gold in your backpack. This is tied to your account, so creating multiple characters will not give you more. This is a test both for us and for you. Later we will start giving out more and elevate your skills/spells after wipes.

Known Issues and General Information

  • If you experience any "erroneous" AI behavior, please take a screen shot of it and mail it to us with a description of the problem.
  • Resource output of clan city/hamlet farms, mines, wood quarries etc. have not been balanced on the server.

We don't have the capacity to report back to each individual reporting a bug, but we process each and every one of them. When we are done, a bug report hall of fame will be created and you will receive much glory :-)

Regarding the testing phases:
We are slowly moving from the hardware testing phase onto the game testing phase.
We are still mostly concerned about errors in the game (crash bugs and exploits), but we will start focus testing certain areas and ask for your feedback. Starting today with the resource drain on nodes in the world.

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