Saturday, January 24, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 70

An following the 66 & 67 patchnotes here are the patchnotes for Build 70.

New Patch

A new patch has been released.


Fixes and updates in this patch includes:

  • Journal window Update
  • Clan window update
  • Skill window update
  • Spell window update
  • Vendor service tab has been updated
  • Eternally galloping horse have been fixed
  • Mount sound update
  • City building update
  • Conquest update
  • More monsters added (We will slowly over the next week enable more and more monsters)
  • AI tactic updated
  • Resting hit box bug that was introduced in the last build on the beta server has been fixed (1 line of a file wasn't transfered to the server)
  • Mana missile excessive damage has been fixed
  • Skills have been updated
  • Spells have been updated
  • /party_invite_player "firstname" "lastname" has been enabled
  • Streaming HD bug has been fixed
  • Fixes to startup problems
  • Tool tip fixes
  • Robe has been fixed
  • You can no longer sprint when you are encumbered
  • Rogue status is easier to attain now
  • Guardstower damage has been enhanced
  • Many minor bug fixes
  • More updates to the world
  • And more...

Known Issues and General Information

  • The fix for problems with bags being duplicated (albeit only graphically on the client) and bank windows opening multiple times is not included in this build.
  • The above problem is the same as why you sometimes can't open your bank or clan vault.
  • Do NOT spam the global channel. We have the logs and of course account name from the last incident. Do not let that happen again.
  • The planned conquest mass testing is scheduled to happen sometime next week.

Thank you for the bug reports. Keep them coming.

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