Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Warhammer Online: 10 Odd Tome Unlocks

Are you a Tome jockey? Do you crave the sweet satisfaction of a good unlock, a rare title, and the random /tell asking you "How'd you GET that?" Then check out these 10 odd Tome of Knowledge unlocks:


A pretty well-known unlock, but still one of the more fun. You get this unlock for falling to your death a total of 25 times, netting you some XP and the title of the same name.

The Never-Rester

Getting unlocks for unlocks is a pretty sweet deal, and this one is achieved after your 777th Tome unlock (making it your 778th!). You get a Turquoise Tome trophy for this baby.

The Priest's Pain

It doesn't seem quite fair that you can get rewarded for being rezzed, but a healer isn't for doing the rezzing, but that's the way that goes. If you're so death prone (as I am) that you are rezzed 1,000 times, you get this apt unlock and title (which if you wear, will probably ensure that you are never rezzed again).

B Good

I can't imagine getting this one unless you've played your character for a year or two, but if you manage to complete 2500 PQs with a "B" grade, you get this homage to E.T. (and a title).

The Exhibitionist

Admit it: that's a title (and unlock) that you wouldn't mind *ahem* showing off to others! Unfortunately, it's going to take you using an ability 10,000 times naked to get, so perhaps you should hire a small child to spam your "1" key. But blindfold them, cause of the whole nudity thing.

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva was a noblewoman who, according to legend, rode naked through the streets of Coventry in England in order to gain a remission of the oppressive taxation imposed by her husband on his tenants. It's an incredibly easy unlock -- you just have to mount up naked in a capital city -- but the obscure reference makes this one for your collection.

The Might of Poultry

Really, all of the chicken Tome unlocks deserve a mention, mostly because they're near-impossible to attain -- but this one dwarfs them all. All you have to do to get this unlock/title is kill a mere 5,000 players as a chicken, pecking them down 1 HP at a time. Piece of cake.

A Little Off The Top

We at WAAAGH! are very firmly anti-unicorn, and are therefore delighted that this oddball Tome unlock is there to warm the depths of our heart. If you're Destruction and traveling through the Shadowlands, kill a level 15 champion unicorn called Sylendoras for the unlock and the title The Hornsnapper.

The Drunkard

This is about as far from a secret or exclusive as they come, although you did have to work a bit at the Keg End event to unlock this basic-level reward/title/unlock. It is kind of unique in the pantheon of Tome unlocks in that when you get the reward, you have to use a mug which makes a large beer-tipping animation over your head, and then you are bestowed this dubious title.

The Extremist

Secret plungers aren't talked about so much these days, or even well-known, months after release. There's at least three real ones and one practice one, and if you find the three real ones, you get this unlock and title. Perfect for the Mountain Dew enthusiasts out there!

As an aside, here's an interesting quote I found over on the Prima Guides forum, where an author/editor/bigwig responded to complaints that the guides lacked (among other things) crafting and Tome info:

Mythic is EXTREMELY protective of this information. They really want players to discover it first. I know that is irritating for you all. You bought the guide because you want to do, not (necessarily) because you want to discover. I'm right there with you. Just remember that real live people at Mythic spent the past 3 years of their life working long hours and weekends to create this content for you. If they want just a couple of months of player discovery before we do the full reveal then that's their prerogative. Again, I know it's frustrating (for all parties involved). Give us a month or two and we should be good to go. Sorry it can't be quicker but our hands are tied on this one.

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