Saturday, January 24, 2009

Darkfall Online: Leaked Beta Patchnotes Build 77

The last patchnotes for now...

New Patch

A new patch has been released. A character wipe has been performed.


Fixes and updates in this patch includes:

  • Updates to conquest system
  • Updates to conquest messaging
  • Harvesting skill fails on resource node depletion
  • Lesser Magic balancing update
  • Misc skills balancing update
  • More of the problems that some people have with Journal and
  • Clan window has been fixed
  • Hall of Fame/Highscore lists have been enabled
  • Personal stats update
  • Incorrect placements of objects in paperdoll has been fixed
  • AI movement enhancement
  • AI now attacks warhulks, cannons and ships properly
  • In some situations an explosive spell might have blasted through a wall or similar structures. This has been fixed
  • Situations where you would float upwards ad inifinitum in water have been fixed
  • Dungeons have been enabled (Monsters etc. in dungeons have not been enabled in this build)
  • Updates to the World
  • Server updates

General information:

We are moving into the play testing phase. We do, however, still expect some system configuration to pop up.
For everything that we would like your help to test, we will create a thread in the 'Testing and Feedback forum'.

We have done some changes in the server configuration to prepare for the hordes, so we might have a bit of a bumpy ride for the next few days.

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