Saturday, January 24, 2009

World of Warcraft: Shadow Priest 6k dps with Mind Flay Exploit

New Patch, new bugs... at least this time in the favor of the players. At least if you're a Shadow Priest.

Blizzard wanted to buff Shadow Priest and let him scale better with spell gear, but did a mistake and instead of gaining 15% more damage (if Misery is applied) per Mind Flay, they unintentionally let every Mind Flay tick increase the damage by 15%, making Shadow Priests insane damage dealers (up to 6k dps and more) which dominate the damage charts at the moment.

Use it as long as they don't fix it.

Update: Corrected the post, the bugged talent/spell is of course Misery, but in combination with Mind Flay it causes this insane damage.

Update 2: Ghostcrawler (Blizzard Blueposter) announced that they are looking at it, so quickly use it as long as it lasts (i.e. to push your Arena rating :P)

There is a bug in Misery probably very similar to what Delmortis describes above.


We want Shadow priest dps to be competitive, but it can be really insane with this bug. We are looking into it.

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