Saturday, January 24, 2009

World of Warcraft: To Honor One's Elders

As of today, 24th January, a new World event started (well actually not new, it comes every year) and new achievements to gain: To Honor One's Elders!

Full list on how to do this achievement:

Notice: First the summary in the order on how it's displayed in the Achievement description. If you want to take the optimal (shortest) route, scroll down a bit more for the guide which shows you the optimal route.

Elders of Eastern Kingdoms

  • Elder Goldwell in Kharanos (47, 51)
  • Elder Stormbrow in Goldshire (40, 64)
  • Elder Starglade in Zul'Gurub (Outside, near Entrance)
  • Elder Silvervein in Thelsamar (33, 46)
  • Elder Rumblerock in Burning Steppes (82, 46)
  • Elder Highpeak in The Hinterlands (50, 48)
  • Elder Graveborn in Brill (61, 53)
  • Elder Windrun in Eastern Plaguelands (35, 68)
  • Elder Moonstrike in Scholomance (Caer Darrow, on top of the Keep)
  • Elder Bellowrage in Blasted Lands (58, 55)
  • Elder Meadowrun in Western Plaguelands  (65, 47)
  • Elder Winterhoof in Booty Bay (26, 76, near Horde Flightmaster)
  • Elder Skychaser in Sentinel Hill (56, 47)
  • Elder Dawnstrider in Flame Crest (64, 24)
  • Elder Ironband in Searing Gorge (21, 79)
  • Elder Obsidian in The Sepulcher (45, 41)
  • Elder Snowcrown in Light's Hope Chapel (81, 60)

Elders of the Dungeons

  • Elder Wildmane in Zul'Farrak (Near the place where you summon Gahzranka)
  • Elder Splitrock in Maraudon (After endboss, jump downand climb out, following up the ramp)
  • Elder Morndeep in Blackrock Depths (Ring of Law)
  • Elder Jarten in Utgarde Keep
  • Elder Nurgen in Azjol-Nerub
  • Elder Ohanzee in Gundrak (Update: Only in Heroic Mode)
  • Elder Chogan'gada in Utgarde Pinnacle
  • Elder Starsong in the Sunken Temple (Go to the, through te dragonkin and then left around into the first alcove left)
  • Elder Stonefort in Blackrock Spire (Near the first rope bridge)
  • Elder Farwhisper in Stratholme (Use the back entrance, then continue to Baron Rivendare, after the first Gate go left, then right and finally down that street on the left side before the next Gate)
  • Elder Igasho in The Nexus
  • Elder Kilias in Drak'Tharon
  • Elder Yurauk in the Halls of Stone

Elders of Kalimdor

  • Elder Runetotem in Razor Hill (Durotar 54, 44)
  • Elder Moonwarden in The Crossroads (The Barrens 51, 30)
  • Elder Windtotem in Ratchet (Barrens 63, 37)
  • Elder Starweave in Auberdine
  • Elder Riversong in Astranaar (Ashenvale 35, 48)
  • Elder Mistwalker in Dire Maul (Feralas  62, 31) - Near Dire Maul (NOT inside the instance)
  • Elder Skyseer in Freewind Post (Thousand Needles 45, 48)
  • Elder Ragetotem in Tanaris (Tanaris 36, 80)
  • Elder Thunderhorn in Un'Goro (Un'Goro 50, 76)
  • Elder Stonespire in Everlook (Winterspring 61, 37)
  • Elder Bladesing in Cenarion Hold (Silithus 49, 37)
  • Elder Skygleam in Azshara (Azshara  72, 85)
  • Elder High Mountain in Camp Taurajo (Barrens 45, 57)
  • Elder Bladeleaf in Dolanaar (Teldrasil 56, 60)
  • Elder Bloodhoof in Bloodhoof Village (Mulgore 48, 53)
  • Elder Grimtotem in Feralas (Feralas 76, 37)
  • Elder Nightwind in Felwood (Felwood 37, 52)
  • Elder Morningdew in Mirage Raceway (Thousand Needles 79, 77)
  • Elder Dreamseer in Gadgetzan (Tanaris)
  • Elder Brightspear in Winterspring (Winterspring 55, 43)
  • Elder Primestone in Silithus (Silithus 23, 11)

Elders of Northrend

  • Elder Sardis in Valiance Keep (Borean Tundra 58, 69)
  • Elder Morthie in Star's Rest (Dragonblight 29, 55)
  • Elder Arp in D.E.H.T.A (Borean Tundra 57, 44)
  • Elder Sandrene in Lakeside Landing (Sholazar 50, 62)
  • Elder Lunaro in Ruins of Tethys (Grizzly 78, 35)
  • Elder Tauros in Zim'Torga (Zul'Drak 59, 57)
  • Elder Graymane in K3 (Storm Peaks 41, 84)
  • Elder Pamuya in Warsong Hold (Borean Tundra 42, 55)
  • Elder Skywarden in Agmar's Hammer (Dragonblight 37, 48)
  • Elder Beldak in Westfall Brigade (Grizzly 59, 26)
  • Elder Fargal in Frosthold (Storm Peaks 30, 74)
  • Elder Northal in Transitus Shield (Borean Tundra 33, 35)
  • Elder Wanikaya in Rainspeaker Rapids (Sholazar 63, 51)
  • Elder Bluewolf in Wintergrasp (Wintergrasp Keep 49, 14)
  • Elder Thoim in Moa'ki Harbor (Dragonblight 49, 75)
  • Elder Stonebeard in Bouldercrag's Refuge (Storm Peaks 32, 35)
  • Elder Whurain in Camp Oneqwah (Grizzly 65, 46)
  • Elder Muraco in Camp Taunka'lo (Storm Peaks 64, 51)

Elders of the Horde

  • Elder Darkhorn in Orgrimmar (Valley of Wisdom, just to the right of the building)
  • Elder Darkcore in Undercity (Ruins of Lordaeron, AKA, outside the Undercity in the courtyard)
  • Elder Proudhorn in Thunder Bluff (Elder Rise)

Elders of the Alliance

  • Elder Bladeswift in Darnassus (Cenarion Enclave)
  • Elder Hammershout in Stormwind (The Park)
  • Elder Bronzebeard in Ironforge (The Mystic Ward)

Lunar Festival Finery

Purchase a festive pant suit or festive dress with Coins of Ancestry. You only need 5 coins to purchase one.

Frenzied Firecracker

Shoot off 10 Festival Firecrackers in 30 seconds or less. You can buy these off the Lunar Festival Vendor in any major faction city

50 Coins of Ancestry

Obtain 50 Coins of Ancestry, easy enough to complete with all the Elders you need to visit.

The Rocket's Red Glare

Shoot off 10 Red Rocket Clusters in 25 seconds or less. You can buy these off the Lunar Festival Vendor in any major faction city and Moonglade.

Elune's Blessing

Defeat Omen in Moonglade, the quest you need to pick up is Elune's Blessing.

The shortest route

We'll start in Dalaran, reason for this is that we can quickly port back when we're done in Northrend and go to Darnassus to finish the Kalimdor Quests and then finally the Eastern Kingdoms.


  • Elder Fargal (Storm Peaks - Frosthold 30, 74)
  • Elder Stonebeard (Storm Peaks - Bouldercrag's Refuge 32, 35)
  • Elder Muraco in Camp Taunka'lo (Storm Peaks 64, 51)
  • Elder Graymane (Storm Peaks - K3 41, 84)
  • Elder Tauros (Zul'Drak - Zim'Torga 59, 57)
  • Elder Beldak (Grizzly - Westfall Brigade Encampment 59, 26)
  • Elder Whurain (Grizzly - Camp Oneqwah 65, 46)
  • Elder Lunaro (Grizzly - Tethys (78, 35)
  • Elder Thoim (Dragonblight - Moa'ki Harbor 49, 75)
  • Elder Skywarden (Dragonblight - Agmar's Hammer 37, 48)
  • Elder Morthi (Dragonblight - Star's Rest 29, 55)
  • Elder Arp (Borean Tundra -D.E.H.T.A. 57, 44)
  • Elder Sardis (Borean Tundra - Valiance Keep 58, 69)
  • Elder Pamuya (Borean Tundra - Warsong Hold 42, 55)
  • Elder Northal (Borean Tundra - Transistus Shield 33, 35)
  • Elder Sandrine (Sholazar - Lakeside Landing 50, 62)
  • Elder Wanikaya (Sholazar - Rainspeaker Rapids 63, 51)
  • Elder Bluewolf in Wintergrasp (Wintergrasp 49, 14)

Note: We do Wintergrasp as last, because from there you can't mount up and if horde has it, we can't use the portal so we can port back to Dalaran using a Hearthstone.

Now use your Hearthstone and port back to Dalaran and use the Lunar Festival Scroll in Dalaran to Port to Moonglade.

Why Moonglade and not Darnassus/Ogrimmar?
Because both, Horde and Alliance, can port there and make this guide here universal and both actions can follow the same route


  • Elder Brightspear (Winterspring 55, 43)
  • Elder Stonespire (Winterspring 61, 37)
  • Elder Nightwind (Felwood 37, 52)
  • Elder Riversong (Ashenvale 35, 48)
  • Elder Starweave (Darkshore 36, 46)
  • Elder Bladeswift (Darnassus)
  • Elder Bladeleaf (Teldrasil 56, 60)
  • Elder Skygleam (Azshara  72, 85)
  • Elder Darkhorn (Orgrimmar - Valley of Wisdom)
  • Elder Runetotem (Durotar 54, 44)
  • Elder Moonwarden (The Barrens 51, 30)
  • Elder High Mountain (Barrens 45, 57)
  • Elder Bloodhoof (Mulgore 48, 53)
  • Elder Wheathoof [Former Proudhorn] (Thunder Bluff)
  • Elder Windtotem (Barrens 63, 37)
  • Elder Splitrock (Desolace - Maraudon)
  • Elder Mistwalker (Feralas  62, 31) - Near Dire Maul
  • Elder Grimtotem (Feralas 76, 37)
  • Elder Skyseer (Thousand Needles 45, 48)
  • Elder Morningdew (Thousand Needles 79, 77)
  • Elder Dreamseer (Tanaris, Gadgetzan)
  • Elder Wildmane in Zul'Farrak (Tanaris)
  • Elder Ragetotem (Tanaris 36, 80)
  • Elder Thunderhorn (Un'Goro 50, 76)
  • Elder Bladesing in Cenarion Hold (Silithus 49, 37)
  • Elder Primestone in Silithus (Silithus 23, 11)

Now fly back to Ratchet and take the boat to Booty Bay where the journey will continue.

Eastern Kingdoms

  • Elder Starglade (Stranglethorn Vale 53, 18) Zul'Gurub Entrance
  • Elder Winterhoof (Stranglethorn Vale 26, 76) Booty Bay
  • Elder Bellowrage (Blasted Lands 59, 55)
  • Elder Starsong in the Sunken Temple
  • Elder Skychaser (Westfall 56, 47)
  • Elder Stormbrow (Elwynn Forest 40, 63)
  • Elder Hammershout in Stormwind (The Park area)
  • Elder Rumblerock (Burning Steppes 82, 46)
  • Elder Dawnstrider (Burning Steppes 64, 24)
  • Elder Stonefort (Blackrock Spire)
  • Elder Morndeep (Blackrock Depths)
  • Elder Ironband (Searing Gorge 21, 79)
  • Elder Bronzebeard (Ironforge - Mystic Ward)
  • Elder Goldwell (Dun Morogh 47, 51)
  • Elder Silvervein (Loch Modan 33, 47)
  • Elder Highpeak (The Hinterlands 50, 48)
  • Elder Obsidian (Silverpine Forest 45, 41)
  • Elder Graveborn (Tirisfal Glades 62, 54)
  • Elder Darkcore - Undercity (Enter by the main entrance if you're alliance and run in until you find him)
  • Elder Moonstrike (Western Plaguelands - Top of Scholomance Keep; Outside, NOT in the instance)
  • Elder Meadowrun (Western Plaguelands 66, 48);
  • Elder Windrun (Eastern Plaguelands 35, 69);
  • Elder Snowcrown (Eastern Plaguelands 81, 60);
  • Elder Farwhisper in Stratholme (Instance)

Last but not least the Northrend Dungeon instances (reason for putting them last is, because they can't be done solo).

Northrend Dungeons

  • Elder Jarten in Utgarde Keep
  • Elder Chogan'gada in Utgarde Pinnacle
  • Elder Nurgen in Azjol-Nerub
  • Elder Kilias in Drak'Theron
  • Elder Ohanzee in Gundrak (Only in Heroic Mode)
  • Elder Igasho in The Nexus
  • Elder Yurauk in the Halls of Stone

Update 1: Added Kalimdor Instances and missing Northrend Dungeons

Update 2: Added note to the Gundrak Elder. In order to get this Elder, you need to do Gundrak on Heroic mode.

Update 3: Added Coordinates of Kalimdor in the first part (the summary) too, for people who are only looking for location of certain Elders.


Anonymous said...

this is shit .. doesnt say where they actually are

Anonymous said...

well then go make one yourself asshole

Anonymous said...

If you actually read through the WHOLE guide, yes WHOLE, they will give you the place and coordinates to where every elder is that is NOT in a dungeon. Only an idiot would say such a thing about not having the locations of where the elders are. Learn to read!

Now the good post. Thank you for posting this guide. I agree, it IS time consuming and thanks for the coordinates. It helps a lot. Well done on the guide. Will vote for your post on thottbot. ^^

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty good guide, thanks for making it. It helped me a lot while collecting the achievement :)

I guess you made this as a horde, as for alliance I encountered some problems with the route around the Barrens (huge area with no flight path for Alli).

I would suggest:
# Elder Skygleam (Azshara 72, 85)
then Alli walk down the river and through the side entrance to...
# Elder Darkhorn (Orgrimmar - Valley of Wisdom)
# Elder Runetotem (Razor Hill 54, 44)
# Elder Windtotem (Ratchet 63, 37)
# Elder Moonwarden (The Crossroads 51, 30)
# Elder High Mountain (Camp Taurajo 45, 57)
# Elder Bloodhoof (Bloodhoof Village 48, 53)
# Elder Wheathoof [Former Proudhorn] (Thunder Bluff)
# Elder Skyseer (Freewind Post 45, 48)
# Elder Morningdew (Mirage Raceway 79, 77)
Then continue down to
# Elder Dreamseer (Tanaris, Gadgetzan)
# Elder Wildmane in Zul'Farrak (Tanaris)
# Elder Ragetotem (Tanaris 36, 80)
# Elder Thunderhorn (Un'Goro 50, 76)
# Elder Bladesing in Cenarion Hold
# Elder Primestone in Silithus
Fly to Feralas
# Elder Grimtotem (Feralas 76, 37)
# Elder Mistwalker (Feralas 43, 68) - Near Dire Maul
# Elder Splitrock (Desolace - Maraudon)
Then either fly to Ratchet from Desolace or Hearthstone, head to SW, fly to BB and continue from there.

A lot more convenient for Alli and still works for horde! ;)

mandydax said...

Muraco is at 65,51 in Storm Peaks.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic guide. just what i needed. tyvm for making it.

Unknown said...

Nice. Thanks so much for doing this guide!

Anonymous said...

this guide has WASTED so much of my time... nice job half-assing it I'm sorry I ever read your blog

Anonymous said...

Great guide. Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was nice, I have just done all and thanks to this :)

Anonymous said...

I wanted t odo this on my 75 DK but 2bad i hve to be lvl 80 to do gun'drak cause of HC, atleast i got it on my 80 warrior :) GREAT, and i mean GREEEAAAT guide.

Anonymous said...

This is an absolutely fantastic guide. Don't listen to the idiots who say it isn't. You've got everything one could ask for in a guide; coords, pathing, all of it. You even took into consideration ally vs. horde and made a guide both could use. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

very nice piece of work

mandydax said...

Wow, people are being dicks. :P
Correction: Elder Windrun is in Crown Guard Tower, EPL 35.5,68.9
Don't let them bother ya; this guide has been a big help.

Odessa Silverberg said...

thanks@mandydax, fixed it.

Anonymous said...

there are lots of errors here, so I generally agree with those that say eff you for wasting my time. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

This guide is bad! Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Ya I'm sorry but this guide should have had a lot more work done to it before it was published. A lot of missing coordinates, wrong locations, and wasted time. Give it a miss, I found myself very frustrated by it midway.

Anonymous said...

Too many of these coordinates are just wrong. Unfortunately, this guide has been copied onto many major WoW sites.

Thanks for wasting so many people's time...

Anonymous said...

Good guide. People who say it is not a good guide are just really lazy because otherwise they would not come here seeking to find a guide.

I am quite sure those morons would not be totally satisfied until they get a bot or something that does it for them. It is idiots like that which buy gold and WoW has been ruined by them

Unknown said...

Thanks for the effort but there are so many time wasting errors it's not worth following.

Anonymous said...

a few errors, but that's what thottbot is for. in terms of one place to go for a whole guide, this is the place. thank you so much! i probably wouldn't have bothered without this guide. thanks!

Anonymous said...

If there are errors, leave correction suggestions, shit. Thanks for the great guide! Got my Elder title within a day :D

Anonymous said...

this was just a waste of time for you to do this "guide" or.. you just wrote it off the wow achivement screen. useless, it´s just the same info i get when i play. I wanna know WHERE in the instances for example the stand.. not in witch.. witch I allready knew.. Dumbass!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the guy who said people are just lazy if they think this is a waste of time. Yeah, paths and locations for elders inside the instances would be fantastic, but the coords given for every other elder was spot on.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Elder Mistwalker is actually at 62,31 in Dire Maul

Unknown said...

It appears in one of the Kalimdor sections you missed Elder Starweave in Darkshore, The Long Wash (37,47)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the guide. i appreciate and need all the help i can get.

Anonymous said...

Seriously don't let the idiots that are qqing in this thread bother you. Same people you see in game wanting to have their hands held and carried through content.
Guild helped a ton for routing info.

Anonymous said...

Aaron said...

It appears in one of the Kalimdor sections you missed Elder Starweave in Darkshore, The Long Wash (37,47)
He already did that one. I found it by the one he had up. Also love the guide! Making this SO much easier!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I liked this guide. It helped a lot. I had to look up where in dungeons, but that takes all of 2 seconds anyway... The great part was that you included the dungeons w/ the zone so you wouldn't have to go back later for the dungeon elder achv. I think the coords were wrong for just one of the elders. The one at Lights Breach Chapel. The coords show up in the mtn ridge. Other than that, this guide was a huge help! Thanks for taking the time to write it out. Those that hate it are just dumb... Most can't even spell... Like the guy who spells which as "witch"...moron.. :-P

Thorne said...

Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

I dont really understand why people are bagging this. Unless they are using a really crappy coord addon the coords aren't wrong, or are like .1 or so off. It's not hard to use your brain and scout around for the ! mark. Thanks so very much for this, it has saved me so much time. I used an addon to go through and put an icon against the coords on my map - and also did this in conjunction with the exploration achievement.

You have done a great job, thanks very very much!!!

Anonymous said...

Doing this achievement, following the guide, was a lot of fun. Thank you so much for your efforts, it provided linear direction to what would have been very tedious without your guide. I did find Grynd's Alliance tweaks helpful also.
-"Elder" Christof

Anonymous said...

As a Horde getting Elder Sardis wasn't easy. He is also not at 58, 69 he is at 59, 65 on the outside of the fortress. Died a few times to get this one, but still love the guide!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the guide, all I needed was the coordinates and you provided them. I can use my coordinate mods to find them on the world map.

Pinng said...

Some wrong cords, but really helpful guide. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

On frenzied firecracker, a description that repeats what's in the achievement tab isn't helpful. We could read it the first time.

Now a macro that allows for a 1 button shooting of these off would be more useful. Especially when the realms have had continual lag problems since the last maitenance, including 2-3 seperate shutdowns on realms, and an additional rolling restart for database problems, server latency probs, etc. The more this could be automated down to 1 button only to fire a rocket, and the less task on the user, the better.

Odessa Silverberg said...

There is no macro for it and none can be writen neiter, because after using a firecracker, you need to select a target on the ground.

Best thing you can do is, pull it on the actionbar (i.e. the one which is bound hat 1) and aim with the mouse on the ground and then simply spaming 1-key and left mouse button.

However, depending on the lag, this won't help either nor will a macro ever help you with lag, because lag is the latency the data needs from your PC to the Server and this latency will always be there with macro or not.

Macro only helps against brainlag, not against network connection lag, so sorry.

Anonymous said...

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