Monday, January 19, 2009

World of Warcraft: Free name change after server updates

  1. A WoW account
  2. Eyes to read this
  3. The ability to copy/paste.

Ok, at the character selection screen, create a new character.
The name of the new character should start with a "þ" (right ALT+T on my keyboard (qwerty))

So for example: þwnd
Make sure to either use the lowercase þ (not Þ) or copy/paste from this thread.

After creating the character, try to log in with it. You will get a popup saying you need to change the characters name, because the "þ" is not allowed.

Simply type something else that starts with a þ :P þawnd for example and it will be accepted!

Every week after server updates, your character will be flagged for name change, so every week = free name change

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